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Community Garden

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Sweet Potato Harvest

We finally have sweet potatoes!

If you've harvested sweet potatoes this year also, don't forget to cure them. The process is easy and adds sweetness and a creamy texture. After harvesting, place your sweet potatoes in a warm (80°-85°) & humid place for 5-10 days. Don't wash them, just rub the soil off as best you can. After curing, continue to store them in a cool (55°-60°), dark place for another 6-8 weeks. They'll just get sweeter and by Thanksgiving you'll be enjoying delicious sweet potato casserole!

The Giving Garden

 The Community Garden was started as a way to supply the Food Pantry with fresh produce. Over time, its purpose has evolved and expanded and today it serves many purposes. It houses several raised garden beds which are planted with a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowering plants. The garden sitting area provides a wonderful spot for quiet contemplation and reflection and is a popular respite for residents of the Miramon Center. Day to day the garden is tended to by staff, volunteers and residents of the Miramon Center.


The Garden is always in need of supplies and attention

If you can donate any of the things on our Wish List call or drop by

Monday-Friday 9am-2pm

Garden Wish List

Raised Bed Soil

Bags of Pine Needle Mulch

13-13-13 Fertilizer Granules


Barrel Composter

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