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Emergency Needs


Do You Have an Emergency Need?

If you are going through hardship we want to help. Our volunteer counselors will listen to your concerns, evaluate your eligibility for services and connect you with available community resources. Whether you need food, shelter or just a shoulder to cry on, our volunteer counselors are here to listen. 

Ways We Can Help

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • Personal Hygiene Items

  • For all other needs, we can provide information about available local resources  

Things We Need From You

  • Photo ID

  • Proof of Income (for entire household)

  • Proof of Address (utility or other bill)

Meet Mrs. Margie 

Since 1991, Mrs. Margie has been a volunteering at the CCC. She is known for her great listening skills, quick wit and down-to-earth advice. She says it "just makes your heart feel good when you see them [clients] leave with a little more hope". Mrs. Margie is a treasured member of the CCC team and we enjoy every Wednesday when she comes in to work as a volunteer counselor.


Watch the video to learn more about Mrs. Margie and what the Volunteer Counselors do at the CCC.

Let Us Help 

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